Printed Circuit Board Design

Twisted Traces is well-known for its value-effective printed circuit board design services. Our Design For Manufacturability (DFM) approach combined with our technology expertise allows us to take up any complex project. Our vast industrial experience allows us to take up small, medium, and large volume orders with the same ease. With us, you can be assured of high-quality PCB design services at affordable prices.

PCB Design Prerequisite

We request our clients to provide us with the following:

Board Outline

You can provide us the IDF file sourced from CAD tool, and we can import that data into our system.

Bill of Materials

We require you to provide us specifications of each part included in the design. This will help us understand application parameters and tolerances needed for your circuit board. We need a specific footprint information for each circuit. There will be a complete datasheet for each component, which will help us fulfill this requirement efficiently.


We expect our customers to provide us with a complete schematic diagram that is verified by them, prior to the start of PCB design. We accept a schematic diagram in any of the following formats:

  • Altium
  • CAD schematic
  • PCB123

Or you can also provide us Netlist file in Tango and Protel formats. If you are supplying a Netlist, it should match with the schematic diagram.

Features of PCB Design and Layout Services

Whether your PCB project requires high speed, constraint-driven requirements, basic I/O, or routing, our technical staff can assist you efficiently. Our well-defined engineering methodology helps ensure value-effective designs at the shortest turnaround times. Our following capabilities help us serve our customers efficiently:

  • Schematic capture
  • Board layouts from a schematic diagram provided by customer
  • Fabrication and assembly drawings
  • RF layouts
  • Single and differential circuit designs with controlled impedance
  • Reverse engineering
  • Multi-layer boards, differential pairs, split ground planes, and high-speed rules
  • High-speed backplane and mid-plane designs
  • Micro BGA/Micro via/blind & Buried vias
  • Component resequencing based on physical layout, reverse annotation to schematic
  • Surface mount designs
  • Through-Hole designs
  • DFT audit, test point placement, test probe clearance per customer rules, and testability report
  • High density interconnects
  • Mixed dielectrics
  • Epoxy and conductive fills
  • Metal cores
  • Bonded heat sinks
  • Cavities and plated edges

Additional Services

We can provide the following services:

  • EMI protection
  • Fine pitch BGA layout
  • Sensitive analog circuits
  • High current/voltage designs
  • We have a comprehensive experience in creating RoHS-compliant PCB designs. We can create new layouts or help you convert your existing lead assemblies to RoHS-compliant designs.

To know more about our printed circuit board design services, you can contact us via telephone on (630)345-5400, or email us your questions at

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