The role of printed circuit boards in the software engineering segment is irreplaceable. Right from a basic cell phone model to the most advanced touch screen interface, circuit boards are used everywhere. We understand the mammoth nature of this field and the level of intricacy it involves. That is why we take a technologically-advanced approach in designing our PCBs to meet the high-end specifications of the software industry.

Our Expertise Can Benefit Your Software Requirements:

You can benefit from our services in more than one way:

  • Rich Experience
    The experience of Twisted Traces combined with use of highly advanced technology has made our PCB manufacturing services the most sought after in the software industry.
  • Use Of Advanced Technology
    We understand the designing requirements of customers and build PCBs that are compatible for particular a software device/application. Our computer aided designing tools guarantee high level of accuracy and our expertise in circuit board assembly is next to none.
  • Reasonable Option
    You can get definite benefits with our budget-friendly and result-oriented printed circuit board designing and manufacturing services.
  • Unsurpassable Quality
    From prototype to the production stage, we subject the circuit boards to strict quality examinations. This is to ensure a smooth and glitch-free performance of your software.

OS Development

Linux VxWorks
FreeRTOS ThreadX
Custom State Machines SmartPhone and Tablet O/S
Microsoft Visual Studio Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Electronic Health Record (EHR) API

Inter-device Communication

Ethernet TCP/UDP/IP stacks
HTTP/FTP/SSH client and server SNMP agent and manager
Custom PPP-like protocols for asynchronous serial channels Bluetooth and WiFi Protocols

User Interface

Graphic LCD / OLED Touch Interface
Web-Based Control and Administration

Customer Evaluation