Printed circuit boards have been a part of LED applications from a long time. Over the years, LEDs have emerged as energy-efficient lighting sources due to their compact size, and low heat production. As one of the growing industries, LEDs require specialized metal-core PCBs that can dissipate heat well. Twisted Traces provides performance-oriented metal core PCBs from 1 to 20 layers to its clients in the LED industry.

Twisted Traces PCB Offerings

Our vast PCB assembly capabilities allow us to complete any complex project efficiently. We have capabilities to identify and assemble base-materials with excellent heat dissipation capabilities. Currently, we provide the following LED printed circuit boards:

  • Aluminum-based LED PCBs
  • Copper-based LED PCBs
  • Metal core PCBs (MPCB)

Benefits Of LED PCBs Manufactured By Twisted Traces

The following benefits have helped boost the demand of our PCBs among LED OEMs:

  • Metal core PCBs provided by us can dissipate thermal heat almost nine times faster than regular FR4 PCBs. This helps cool heat generating laminates faster, and ensure high performance of the application.
  • Aluminum PCBs and other metal-backed PCBs can resist heat distortion.
  • Copper backed PCBs easily transfer heat to an external heat sink.
  • Metal backed PCBs are stable and perfect for most high-density applications.

Applications Of LED Printed Circuit Boards

The following applications are equipped with LED printed circuit boards:

  • Spot lights
  • Consumer electronics
  • Air landing and running lights
  • Flashlight and camping accessories
  • Solar power products
  • Street lights
  • Vehicle lights
  • Elevator lights
  • Headlights
  • Traffic and signal lighting

At Twisted Traces, every PCB assembly process is performed meticulously. It starts with an understanding of the client requirements. Our engineers combine their industry experience, vast knowledge, and technological expertise to produce high-quality PCBs. To know more about our PCBs for LED industries as well as other mission-critical projects, please contact us via telephone on (630)345-5400, or email us your questions at

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